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About us

 We are a leading online news portal that has a significant audience. We cover news on both the local and national levels.

Our Vision:

To achieve market leadership in the media sector by producing material that is both timely and original.

Our target:

* To function as a website that users can access whenever breaking news occurs

* To utilize our platform to combat societal oppression, injustice, and other problems through the objective reporting, analysis, and examination of relevant issues.

* To hold governments and politicians accountable for their decisions about matters that affect the general populace

* To amuse and educate the general audience about current events and topical concerns

* To promote the maintenance of political order by the dissemination of factual information.

Our key focus:

• Do not complicate the reporting.

• Make sure your presentation is understandable.

• The news ought to be instructive, amusing, and educational all at the same time.

Our target audience:

Financed through Insurance, Educational Loans, and Political Donations.

Fans of their respective sports


The governing body

Advocates/civil societies

Our key categories:



Earn money 



Our position:

We are visible all over the world, therefore First News Web is accessible to you no matter where you are in the world.

Before we release anything to the press, we put it through a series of fact checks. This is necessary because the media are always reporting conflicting news. The faith that our readers and audience have in us has been further strengthened as a result of this.

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