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Why should you blog even if there are no readers for your posts?


Blogging and blogs are common phrases among fans of the web world in general and technical websites in particular. We as Arabs did not quote blogging as we should, in my opinion. There are many things that we ignored about something called "blogging", and blogging has always become related to attracting visitors and profiting from it. The Internet and things that have no beginning and no end, so I decided not to write this topic, perhaps because I want to tell some of what I see over and over again, or maybe because I just want to print words expressing how sorry I am for the world of “blogging”, this topic is not dedicated For people who make blogs for the sake of profit from them, and not for people who promote a product through blogging platforms, but rather it is a topic dedicated to every lover of the world of words first, and the world of blogging second .. If you are one of them, let me give you some reasons that will make you change your point of view If you do not have readers for your posts, and you keep writing and writing even if you are the only reader of these posts:

Blogging means writing, even if you are writing for yourself:

I adore words! I adore when I write in a language rich in its words, the language of adverb is not like other languages, but rather a manipulation of words and feelings and feelings that express themselves by themselves through merged letters, it is no secret that I am a fan of the Arabic language more than any other language, and I really like to write from From time to time on paper, but this world of numbers expels the papers from our brains, so how can we practice what we love? Here comes blogging, blogging in writing above all, writing is a passion. It is no secret to you that sometimes I blog only for the sake of writing and not for anything else. It is also no secret to you that I am much happier when I find my words being read by others, but even if I do not read the letters I write with my fingertips, I do not care. First and foremost, I write!

Blogging .. a gathering of ideas:

If you think that now I only have time to blog, then you are very mistaken, I am blogging now to calm my nerves, I have had a difficult week and worse days, business from everywhere flocking to you, and I do not have time to blog, but despite that, I am blogging, I am relaxing My nerves, some may find that blogging is a farce, so deal with blogging as if it is valid words, write two phrases and publish the blog and for readers and visitors to the site for the sake of profit, this is our methodology currently, but try my blogger friend (if you are a blogger reading this post of mine) to try in One day writing something relatively long, yes, yes, I know that you are not good at typing on the keyboard, and I also know that your friend on Facebook sends you messages and you do not answer him, but try one day to choose a topic, and write on it with all your ideas, with the passing Time, you will be addicted to intense blogging, and you will always run away to blogging whenever you are fed up. Try it my friend, this is my advice to you, ask an experienced person and do not ask a doctor! .

Improvisation is gained with notation:

Perhaps one day you fell into that embarrassing situation in which someone asks you a question that may not have an answer in its foundation, and what is the person’s goal in that question other than embarrassing you? Your discussion of a topic, perhaps "I don't know" is the shortest way to avoid that headache! But you did not prove anything to your teacher or employer except that you are one of a thousand similar people as if they were copied. Well, let me tell you that writing (and we explained that writing is blogging), that is, simply, I will tell you that blogging will develop your perceptions and reactions in situations that require From quick thinking and elaborate answer, it is the principle of improvisation, that you think quickly and express your opinion on that subject with sure eloquence, rich phrases, and elaborate wordplay, that will make your employer, your professor, or the person who asked you appreciate you and your ideas, and see you in terms of the person The only one of a thousand non-followers of the herd.

- communication :

I start to think from time to time that I am alone sitting at a keyboard for hours, I do not take my eyes off the computer screen, maybe I feel a little strange then, until I find that beautiful comment on one of my writings, then I remember that there are people like me sitting at the keyboard too, maybe they are not In a position that allows them to write, but allows them to comment, perhaps he wanted to communicate with me with that comment, so I start answering him and sharing ideas. Of course, we all communicate on social sites, perhaps about trivial topics mostly, or sometimes educational, or maybe funny and entertaining often, but To get communication from your site about a topic that you chose and the other liked, then you will feel that you really need to write more and more, and blog more and more, in order to communicate more and more, perhaps bloggers will know what I am talking about here.

Words that speak for themselves:

I do not tell you in every topic about an explanation of a tool and give you a link to download it and finish my topic. There are many blogs that do this, and I will tell you with all boldness that this is not blogging, that is marketing for your site and the materials you publish on it, blogging is a completely different matter, let the words express About itself, write what is on your mind always, and let the words take over your mind. You hate reading long articles because you do not like reading at all. I am fully aware of this, and I am also aware that you hate writing long articles because you do not have the beautiful words that express what you want to say. Of course, this is due to your lack of reading or writing topics, so you are always lost between simple hybrid words that may enable you to write a topic about “your journey to go to the world of games” and you are unable to write a topic based on “the end justifies the means”, because your words do not express On its own, because your words are weak, and reading is the best cure for this disease of yours. I am not telling you to read a book like "Muqaddimah Ibn Khaldun", but I am only telling you to read useful topics from time to time, for this it will benefit you as a blogger.

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