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What is HostGator web hosting company?


Host Gator is one of the most famous hosting companies that offers the best web hosting at the level of foreign internet companies. It has started providing web hosting service since 2002, and it has many advantages that made it have thousands of customers from all over the world. It offers all types of hosting such as cloud hosting And the best WordPress hosting, reseller hosting, vps hosting, and server hosting


Host Gator hosting provides 3 shared hosting plans suitable for beginners, whether they own a small site or a medium site, and all plans are characterized by the following:


    The latest version of the CPanel control panel in Arabic

    The ability to install WordPress Joomla with one click

    Unlimited MySQL 5+ Databases

    Unlimited traffic

    SSH support

    Free SSL support


The first hosting plan in Host Gator:


    Single site hosting

    Unlimited storage space

    Free SSL support

    Hosting plan cost $5.95 / month


HostGator's second shared hosting package:


    Unlimited web hosting

    Traffic: Unlimited

    Private SSL Allowed

    MySQL 5+ Databases: Unlimited

    Hosted sites: Unlimited

    Hosting plan at $8.95/month


The third plan in HostGator paln 3: -


    Unlimited web hosting

    Private SSL Allowed

    Free Dedicated IP

    Free Positive SSL Upgrade

    MySQL 5+ Databases: Unlimited

    Hosted sites: Unlimited

    Dedicated SSL Cert feature support.

    The price is $8.95 / month


HostGator hosting features


HostGator comes with many features, a cPanel control panel, easy installation of WordPress, good technical support, and great hosting stability. We will go into detail about each feature.

1 - cPanel control panel


The support of the cPanel control panel is one of its most important features that help beginners because the cPanel supports the Arabic language and thus facilitates dealing and does not need experience in addition to the availability of its own explanations, whether by video on YouTube or through an explanation with pictures

1 – Register a free domain


HostGator hosting currently offers a free domain when purchasing one of its hosting plans, unlike what was happening previously, as it was a domain registration service that was not free

2 - Easy installation of WordPress


If you are a beginner and do not have any experience in managing websites, you can install the WordPress script with one click, so that your site starts working immediately after choosing the appropriate template for your site activity, and the same thing with Drupal and Joomla scripts

3 - Good technical support


HostGator provides 24-hour support throughout the year through chat, phone, and e-mail. You may continue to wait for some time until the response to you begins in the chat, but you get adequate answers to all your questions.

4 - Transfer your site for free


If your site is on another hosting company, it transfers all your site files, whether images, articles, or databases, for free only when you purchase hosting Host Gator. Submit a request to transfer your site for free, and your request will be executed without stopping the site, and this feature is not found in most web hosting companies

5 - The possibility of recovering your money within 45 days


Most foreign hosting companies offer a 30-day money-back guarantee in case of dissatisfaction with the hosting service, but HostGator provides a longer period of up to 45 days, which is an increase of two weeks from other hosting companies to test their hosting before completing their hosting for a period ranging from one to three years.

For your information, the cost of domain reservation or software installation fees for the server are not refunded, but the cost of shared hosting, reseller hosting, and vps hosting is refunded on the same method that you paid, whether it was a credit card or PayPal

6 – Hosting stability of 99.9%


One of the most important factors for the success and continuity of any site is to maintain work almost permanently, and this is provided by HostGator hosting, which guarantees the stability of your site’s work and non-stop by 99.9% annually. However, there remains a 0.1% chance that your site will stop for any reason for a short time, and this percentage is very good compared to other foreign hosting sites.

7 - Unlimited hosting


Host Gator provides unlimited space and also unlimited “average visitor volume” traffic, but according to fair use, unlimited databases, and the ability to host an unlimited number of sites on the same hosting plan, starting from the second hosting plan

8 - Support all types of hosts


All types of hosting, starting from reseller hosting and cloud hosting, through hosting woodpress, vps hosting, and even server hosting are available, which means that no matter how large your site increases in terms of file space or the number of visitors (traffic), you will not need to transfer to another hosting, only you will upgrade to the higher plan or move To another type of hosting services they have

Conclusion Do we recommend buying HostGator hosting


Of course, we recommend buying Host Gator hosting because it is one of the best options for website owners in terms of cost and hosting performance, and you have 45 days during which you can try hosting and judge it yourself, whether by continuing or canceling the hosting reservation, but if you want to host a free domain, you can rely on Bluehost hosting

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