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What is FastComet Hosting?


Fast Comet is a hosting company that started in 2013 in San Francisco, USA, and currently has 50,000 customers from all over the world. It owns servers in 10 different cities around the world, such as Chicago, Amsterdam, London, Tokyo, Singapore, and Mumbai. As you know, the speed of the site’s performance depends on the proximity of The server is from the person who logs into your site, so the multiplicity of servers and their locations is a great advantage in any hosting company, as in Siteground hosting, and it does not offer vps hosting and reseller hosting, but it provides other types of web hosting services: –

Fastcomet hosting plans


FastComet hosting offers 3 types of shared hosting plans that are suitable for small and medium websites. The plans differ in their prices and specifications, but there are basic specifications for all hosting plans, which are:


    SSL Certificate support

    Support for the CPanel control panel in Arabic

    Transfer your site for free

    Free daily backup of your site

    The ability to install WordPress with one click

    Support for SSH Access

    Unlimited databases


The first hosting plan in Fast Comet:


    Single site hosting

    Free domain transfer

    15 GB SSD hard disk space

    Hosting plan cost $2.95 / month


The second hosting plan in FastComet: -


    Unlimited web hosting

    Free domain transfer

    25 GB SSD hard disk space

    Hosting plan cost $4.95 / month


The third hosting plan in FastComet:


    Unlimited web hosting

    Free domain transfer

    Transfer 3 sites for free

    Free private DNS

    35 GB SSD hard disk space

    Hosting plan cost $5.95 / month


Pros of hosting FastComment


There are many positives and great features in hosting FastComment, which make it in the list of the best web hosting, such as free backup, great hosting stability, and price stability. There are no increases in the cost when renewing and strong technical support. This is a look at the most important features and a detailed presentation of each feature

Stable hosting


Fast Comet hosting is characterized by stability, as some experiments were conducted on it to determine the percentage of the site’s presence on the Internet throughout the month and not to interrupt the service, and the result was to reach 100% throughout the month, meaning that the site works efficiently throughout the month, and if a decrease occurs, it is not less than 99.98%, and it is from The most important factors for creating a successful WordPress blog

Fast technical support


Despite the small size of FastComet hosting compared to other hosting companies, HostGator and Bluehost hosting, it is through experiments conducted to test the level of technical support, the experience has proven that it provides responsive technical support and answers all your inquiries and questions and finds solutions for them

Longer refund periods


Where you can, with FastComt hosting, try their hosting service for up to 45 days, and if the service does not satisfy you, you can recover your money before a month and a half has passed since the purchase, and this is a very sufficient period and greater than most hosting companies that offer a refund period of only 30 days

Free daily backups


Most hosting companies do not provide daily backups for free with the cheap hosting plan, although this wonderful feature is necessary for any site because there is a possibility of any problem that may cause you to lose some private data on your site, so Fastcomet hosting offers this feature for free and through it the backup will be kept Your website is off-site safely for 30 days

Cloudflare CDN support


FastComet hosting provides a Cloud Flare CDN feature to help your site increase traffic, “the number of visitors to your site per month” without any problems, in addition to that it contributes to speeding up your site, and this feature is most hosting companies provide this service in cloud hosting for additional costs and not for free

Transfer your site for free


A team of experts in Fast Comet hosting transfers your site for free and without any additional costs or requests to upgrade to higher plans to transfer your site only.

Fixed renewal price


This is one of the most important problems that beginners face in the world of web hosting. It is buying hosting at a cheap price, and when renewing, one finds that the cost has increased four or five times, but FastComet hosting has prices when buying as it is when renewing. The cost does not increase, even if only one cent.

Disadvantages of Fastcomet hosting


After we presented the advantages of fastcomet hosting, whether its hosting speed, stability, and technical support, there is certainly no hosting company that does not have some negatives or defects, and we will review these negatives in the following lines

There is no free domain with hosting


Unlike many international hosting companies, FastComet does not provide free domain registration when purchasing hosting through them, but you transfer your domain and renew it for a year for free

Conclusion Do we recommend buying FastComet hosting


Despite all the advantages offered by fastcomet hosting, whether the stability of hosting or the quality of technical support and the stability of the price of hosting renewal with free transfer of your site and free backup and the length of the recovery period for your money if you do not like the service with the presence of a single defect is not registering a free domain, which is an ineffective defect because the hosting price is very suitable Unlike some hosting companies that provide a free domain, but the price is high.

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