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What is the best managed hosting WordPress in 2023


When you make the decision to build a WordPress site, the first thing that comes to your mind is to get a reliable WordPress hosting, regardless of the popularity of the term “Wordpress hosting” and do you need hosting with special standards for your WordPress site, or is any hosting suitable for the purpose? We'll talk about that and nominate the best hosting companies you can count on.

The difference between regular hosting and WordPress hosting

In the beginning, there is no essential difference between regular hosting and WordPress hosting, but WordPress hosting may provide specialized technical support in sites that are created by WordPress, and this support differs in that it specializes in WordPress problems, its additions, and WordPress update, and this support ensures that the site is returned to what it was There is a dedicated backup in addition to giving quick solutions.


WordPress hosting also differs in the ability to give you paid plugins at the expense of the company and the ability to backup, clone and configure the site before launch (for developers).


Thus, in conclusion, WordPress is a content management system, which is installed on good hosting. It is important that you focus in your choice on the quality of hosting more than whether it is specialized for WordPress or not.

The most important hosting companies and their advantages

Siteground Hosting


siteground is one of the hosting companies known for its efficiency and versatility, and perhaps the best WordPress hosting in 2020. The company has been providing its services since 2004, its support is outstanding, and its prices are appropriate for what it offers.


Standards added to WordPress plans:


    Automatic update of the WordPress system

    The presence of the SuperCacher feature to increase the speed of the site

    Use a copy of your site to test it before launching Migration,

    Where it is similar to the way the WordPress Duplicator plug-in works, it is similar to copying the site to a subfolder of all the contents of WordPress and thus it can be tested (for developers)

    Unlimited number of databases


See all SiteGround plans and pricing


A2hosting has started its work since 2001 and it is a strong company that is characterized by speed, and gives you more than one plan to choose from such as shared and dedicated hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS and Reseller hosting, and it also offers a domain selling service and one of the features of WordPress hosting.


As for the criteria added to the WordPress plans:


    A special paid license to add Jetpack with all its features from the company

    Easy and automatic backup

    Site clone for site staging

    Dedicated hosting for WordPress

    WP-CLI installed

Hostinger Hosting

See all A2hosting plans and prices


Hostinger was founded in 2004, and the number of websites it hosts has reached 29 million in 178 countries, using the latest technology systems such as machine learning, and it is a distinguished company, and here is what it offers to host custom WordPress.




    Unavailability of Arab technical support around the clock

    hPanel may be different from common cPanel settings

    Chat only takes place when you log into your account

    It is not suitable for large projects, due to the limited resources it provides


Inmotion hosting


Inmotionhosting is a company that provides multiple services and is spread across 175 countries around the world and has a support team that communicates with you through chat or by phone with 24-hour support.




    Fixed number of websites allowed per account

    Storage, mail accounts, and specific databases

    Backup is not free


Liquid web hosting


Liquidweb started its work more than 22 years ago, providing many services, including website design and support by experienced specialists, who have more than 250 specialists to follow up, manage and support websites.


The company in general is a good option that you can rely on, but it is flawed by the high cost of the plans it provides, and you may need some advanced expertise to manage hosting.

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