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What is A2Hosting web hosting company?

A2Hosting was established in 2001 under the name, then changed its name to the current name, and it has servers around the world in America, in the state of Michigan, in Europe it is located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and in Asia it is located in Singapore, and it does not have the fame of hosting Bluehost or HostGator, but it has many advantages that It makes it one of the best hosting companies, and it offers all types of hosting, such as shared hosting, WordPress hosting, reseller hosting, and server hosting.

A2hosting hosting plans


A2Hosting offers 3 types of shared hosting plans that are suitable for small and medium websites. The plans differ in their prices and specifications, but there are basic specifications for all hosting plans, which are:


    SSL Certificate support

    Support for the CPanel control panel in Arabic

    Transfer your site for free

    The ability to install WordPress with one click

    SSD hard disk

    Support for SSH Access

    Unlimited space and traffic


The first hosting plan at A2Hosting:


    Single site hosting

    5 MySQL Databases 5+ Databases

    Cores processor 1 x 2.1 GHz and RAM .5 GB

    Hosting plan cost $4.41/month


The second hosting plan at A2Hosting:


    Unlimited web hosting

    MySQL 5+ Databases: Unlimited

    2 x 2.1 GHz Cores processor and 1 GB RAM

    Hosting plan cost $5.39 / month


The third hosting plan at A2Hosting:


    Unlimited web hosting

    Support for CloudFlare Plus to speed up mobile browsing

    MySQL 5+ Databases: Unlimited

    Hosted sites: Unlimited

    2 x 2.1 GHz Cores processor and 2 GB RAM

    Hosting plan cost $10.29 / month


Advantages of hosting A2Hosting A2Hosting


There are many features that are available in A2Hosting shared hosting plans, such as hosting speed, stability, and distinguished technical support, and we will show each feature in detail during the coming lines.

1 – The fastest shared hosting


A2hosting claims that it offers speeds up to 20 times the speed of its competitors, and after conducting some experiments, its page load rate was very special, reaching 376 milliseconds, which is really the highest speed rate for all hosting companies, and faster than 50% of the average hosting company speeds, which reached 890 milliseconds, and this is very special, because loading any page takes 3 seconds, which leads to a loss of 50% of the number of visits

This is done with ease, as a2hosting takes additional precautions to limit the number of people on shared hosting servers and implement additional functions such as temporary storage that takes information on people's browser pages and thus reduces the number of times that it is required to return and request your site information each time

2 – The stability of the hosting service by 99.95%


One of the most important factors that help the success of your site is the stability of the hosting, and after conducting some experiments on A2hosting, the hosting performance stability rate reached 99.95% during the last 10 months until March 2019, which is a very good rate, but before that period, the stability of the hosting service suffered some vibration, which made The percentage decreases until it reached 99.78%, but the stability rate improves again, and in general you will not find a hosting company whose service is 100% stable.

3 - Distinguished technical support


A2hosting offers wonderful, fast and useful support to solve all the problems you encounter, as it is available around the clock, seven days a week, through e-mail, by phone, tickets, or direct chat, but we always repeat the need for you to try technical support yourself to measure the speed of communication with you And respond to all your inquiries and the extent to which you get detailed answers to all the questions you ask

4 - Strong protection and security for your site


A2hosting provides many preventive measures that protect your site from hacker intrusions through a free service that includes a double firewall for site exchange, virus scanning, and 24/7 security monitoring called the Hack Scan service, and there are some web hosting companies that offer similar tools, but It may be useless if you do not know what to do. As for a2hosting, it provides a preventive service for your site so that you can rest assured and not worry about running a site, and therefore there is no need to constantly perform technical maintenance.

5 - Transfer your site for free


If you already have a site and want to transfer it from the old hosting to A2hosting, you can contact technical support so that it transfers your site for free through the cPanel control panel, which saves you time and effort. You may face some problems if you transfer your site yourself and you do not have enough experience Or your site is large and contains many pages and images Finally, this feature may not be available in some other hosting companies that ask for a fee in exchange for moving your site, such as hosting Blue Host

6 - Support for CMS content management systems


You can install oriental content management systems such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, OpenCart, Magento, through one click of a button inside your A2hosting account, with the additional contractor Atomizer and WordPress installed with the turbo plan.

7 - Guarantee your money back within 30 days


You can book and buy A2hosting hosting and try it within 30 days. If you are not satisfied, you can request a refund for your money, knowing that the SSL certificate setup fees, the cost of domain registration, and the expenses of transferring your site are non-refundable, and this is very normal in all hosting companies.

8 - Cloud Flare CDN feature


A2hosting provides a Cloud Flare CDN feature that helps increase the traffic to your site. The traffic means the number of visitors per month, without any problem, in addition to the speed of your site.

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