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What does the term web hosting mean?


Web hosting “web hosting” is a group of computers that have superior specifications called the server (server) connected to each other across the world and connected to the Internet. Your site) and these servers must be secured from hacking operations, and be connected to the Internet at a high speed and continuously so that they can be accessed as quickly as possible through any computer (personal computer) or mobile anywhere in the world and bear a high data transfer rate, and many features other

The most important terms of hosting

Storage Space: The amount of space available from the web hosting company to store files for your site

Traffic: the number of visitors available to your site per month, and the amount of traffic per month is in gigabytes or terabytes, and the amount of traffic that is consumed varies according to the size of the file that is being viewed or downloaded

addon domain: It means the number of sites allowed to be added to the same plan

MySQL Databases: It is the number of databases allowed to be created for use in creating WordPress sites or forums

POP3 Accounts: The number of email accounts for each account on the same plan

What are the types of hosting?


Hosting is divided according to cost into two types: free hosting and paid hosting

Free hosting


Some hosting companies offer free hosting service as a kind of advertising and promotion for their services, but with limited services so that they are suitable for personal websites and mini-services for beginners in the field of creating websites, as well as for advertising on their hosted websites. Free hosting contains the same features as paid hosting, but in a limited way, for example if it is Paid hosting offers you 100 GB of space, for example, free hosting offers a very limited space between 5 to 20 GB as a maximum, as it is suitable for most personal websites that do not need more space than that, but at the present time it has become more dependent on paid hosting due to the low its cost

Paid hosting


Paid hosting offers you many unlimited features that are not available in free hosting, such as providing a large space and speed of hosting connection, and it also constitutes more security for your site and provides distinguished technical support services to its customers, and it is characterized by being interconnected with search engines automatically, and this feature helps to improve the appearance of your site With the provision of unlimited emails to your site and finally no ads on your site, you can learn about the best hosting sites and compare them from here

Types of paid hosting


There are several types of paid hosting that vary according to space, traffic, and price

Shared hosting


It is the least expensive type of hosting, as its prices start from $ 5 per month or less, so it is the best type of hosting that suits the owners of small websites and beginners, where several sites that may reach hundreds or thousands are hosted on a server (depending on the size of the hosting server) so that the resources are divided The server, so that each user gets a portion of the traffic, space, and memory allocated to the server, and the user can add more than one domain to his shared hosting account. If your site grows and the number of visitors increases, you upgrade to higher hosting plans such as reseller hosting or vps hosting

vps virtual hosting


It is the same idea of ​​shared hosting, where the server is shared between several sites and the hosting server resources are distributed among the sites, but the difference is that each site has its own operating system and the number of sites on the server is less and the cost is higher, and this type is suitable for medium sites that have a large number of visits per day

Cloud hosting


This type is the latest type of hosting and its idea is based on the presence of a copy of your site files on a large number of servers distributed in different countries of the world. When the visitor enters your site, your site files are called from the nearest server to the visitor, which makes the speed of opening your site wonderful, and this type is not suitable for beginners and owners of small sites Because its cost is somewhat high and it is more suitable for owners of medium and large sites

WordPress hosting


It is a specialized hosting for WordPress sites to improve their performance better, and some hosting companies offer this type of hosting due to the spread of the free WordPress script for ease of management, in addition to the presence of support for all problems facing site owners and WordPress

Dedicated Server Dedicated Hosting


This type is the highest cost and the fastest, which is suitable for large sites, where a server is rented for your site, and you can buy a server from one of the foreign or Arab data centers, and it is equipped with important settings only, such as the control panel and others, and you prepare its settings from the protection and additions that you want, and the server gives you more capacity To control your site so that you can install programs for the server and others, if you purchase a server that is not managed by the hosting companies, but if you do not have experience in managing servers, you can rely on the hosting company that fully prepares and manages the server, but this will cost you more money.

hosting reseller


It is also called the hosting distributors service, and it means buying hosting in order to create your own hosting company and divide that hosting into a number of plans to offer your customers free hosting in exchange for adding ads within their sites or providing paid hosting

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