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Top 6 Internet Speed Test Sites


Measuring the speed of the Internet on the user's side has become a necessity. Many users suffer from slow Internet despite their agreement with service providers on high speeds; Therefore, real Internet speed measurement sites have spread in order to inform users of the exact speeds of their connections; This is in order to help them assess matters and make decisions that require high internet speed, such as attending online meetings, attending lectures, watching matches and other cases that require a high-speed and quality connection; Therefore, we have dedicated this article to review the top 10 sites to measure Internet speed, and take appropriate decisions based on that.

Top 6 Internet Speed ​​Test Sites:

1. Website (Google Fiber Speed ​​Test):


This site ranks among the top 10 sites to measure Internet speed; It is a free site provided by Google that aims to help users accurately measure their Internet speed. Google is one of the original Internet Service Providers in the world; Therefore, through its website, it has fulfilled the needs of people who use the Internet wirelessly, and the service also reaches them wirelessly.


The site’s application can be obtained and installed on users’ devices. This application is characterized by its simple interface and ease of use as all Google applications, and it is free from distracting ads, in order to maintain the user’s focus and help him test the speed of his connection.


The application mechanism is simple; It is enough to press the play button to start testing the speed of the Internet connection, and the result will then appear in the middle of the screen in the space designated for the speedometer.

2. Website (Speedtest by Ookla):


It is a site ranked among the top 10 sites to measure Internet speed, and it is free that allows the user to measure his Internet speed and get accurate results in the process of checking the quality of the connection; This is because it provides detailed information about it along with the speed, such as packet, noise ratio, signal-to-noise ratio and other data and percentages that are useful in evaluating the quality of the Internet connection.


The site provides a downloadable application on users' mobile devices in order to probe the quality and speed of their internet connection wherever they are around the world, even if they change their geographic location they can still get the benefits of the application by changing the server by clicking on the change server link and listing the search in the space provided for it in the search bar.


This application is characterized by being unbiased because it is not affiliated with a specific service provider, and therefore it gives accurate and reliable results in the process of measuring the speed of the Internet connection, but it is flawed by the presence of some ads in it.

3. NetSpot:


It is also one of the sites ranked among the top 10 sites to measure the speed of the Internet, and it has an application with extraordinary capabilities that go beyond being a specialist in measuring the speed of the Internet connection. It provides services related to securing the best Internet connection by conducting an analysis of network security and coverage of wireless areas.


The application can determine the best setting for wireless networks; This is because it analyzes the radio frequency behavior, not to mention that it scans the entire site in order to complete this task.


The application enables to determine the coverage areas of the user's WIFI network in order to obtain the best place for coverage and place the device in it, in addition to the ability to provide information about the best and fastest network workplaces thanks to the tests that the application performs, and this feature helps the user in the process of improving his Internet connection and solving problems related to poor wireless communication.


One of the features of the application is that it offers smart suggestions to solve network problems facing users; This is through its ability to identify the sources of wireless network faults while receiving the service, and it is also a repairer in some cases and solves some problems related to network connectivity.

4. Verizon Speed ​​Test website:


It is an American site that is ranked among the top 10 sites to measure the speed of the Internet in the United States of America, which is very popular and well-known; It has about 147 million users, in addition to the Internet service providers, this site provides users with many features that interest them, in addition to being free, and is characterized by a simple and easy to use interface, and tips and directions that it provides to users in order to help them measure the speed of their Internet connection.


Although this site is only available for use within the territory of the United States of America, its use will soon be available to the rest of the users around the world, which will increase the competition rate for the top of the list of the best sites for measuring Internet speed.

5. Website (Fast):


It is a site also included in the list of the top 10 sites to measure Internet speed, affiliated with (Netflix) and provides its services in measuring the speed of Internet connection for users based on the Internet connection test between the user and the servers of the (Netflix) site, and its features are that it is a free and easy to use site and does not require knowledge Internet speed user has no confusing steps.


The site is accurate; As it gives the same results as usually given by the Internet service provider, except that it is blamed for its failure to give the user additional information about his Internet connection, problems related to it and their solutions.

6. Towalls Page Speed ​​Test website:


It is a site ranked among the top 10 sites to measure Internet speed, and is considered the simplest and easiest site to use. It enables the user to measure the Internet speed in his connection with the click of a button. Which made it a favorite site among the masses of users in order to take advantage of its free and accurate services in measuring the speed of the Internet.

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