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The Deep Web: its risks and how to access it


The "Deep Web" or the Deep Web is a term given to what is hidden from the Web; In other words, the "Deep Web" expresses the hidden part of the Internet worlds that search engine spiders cannot access, and it also refers to sites that require access to many permissions that are not available to ordinary users, so their information is difficult to penetrate, and difficult to reach by Persons who do not have the appropriate permissions.

What is the "Deep Web"?


It is a group of Internet sites that are not indexed on browsers, which cannot be accessed simply and easily, and it constitutes nearly 90% of the Internet, and this virtual space was created based on protests against “Google” that stores all user information and access it forcibly ; This aroused the resentment of some activists and associations, and they demanded the creation of a virtual space for them to give them what they seek of freedom, away from the eyes of censorship and follow-up, and without them having to identify themselves and reveal their identities.


Therefore, the goal of creating the "Deep Web" was initially to ensure freedom and privacy, but some criminals later abused it and used it to serve their malicious interests, taking advantage of the freedom and confidentiality spaces in it.

Who are the users of the "Deep Web"?


The users of the "Deep Web" are groups of individuals who wish to exchange data over the Internet without having their identities exposed or the threat of their shared information being stolen or hacked; So this space is suitable for:

Journalists and whistleblowers:


The Deep Web is the most appropriate place for exposing corruption files while maintaining the confidentiality of the identity of the person providing the information, who is often a former employee or manager in a sensitive institution or position; They resort to investigative journalists and communicate with them through the Deep Web in order to provide them with information related to corruption files without having to reveal their identity.

Users who suffer under dictatorial governments:


The Deep Web is an ideal place for individuals who are pressured by dictatorial political leaders who block their access to specific information of their interest, so they have no choice but to use the Deep Web in order to access this information or leak it to those interested in obtaining it. .

Political opponents and owners of banned publications:


They are forced to hide their identities when surfing the net; Therefore, the Deep Web is a safe haven for them, protecting them from accountability and legal penalties.

Deep Web Dangers:


The dangers of the "Deep Web" start from being an anonymous environment that allows its users to roam and conduct their network activities in complete secrecy and without revealing their identity to anyone; This makes it an unsafe place that attracts many criminals, hackers and mischief-makers. If an ordinary person wants to access the contents of the "Deep Web", he must be very aware and cautious; This is because a wrong or random click from him can threaten his security and privacy and his involvement in business or stories about which he knows nothing.


Entering the world of the "Deep Web" makes the device used to enter vulnerable to hacking if any information about it is discovered; This leaves the operating system and the contents of the disks on the device in the hands of hackers, and some of them can access the input devices of the user's device and capture audio and video samples of the user, and use them in unethical ways.


A section of hackers can access any applications or information related to the user’s bank accounts and steal or use them unethically for sure, as well as stealing digital currencies, and the “Deep Web” allows hackers to obtain user information that may expose him to kidnapping or extortion and other unethical practices Legal.


Perhaps the most important danger of the "Deep Web" is that it contains a dark part called the "Dark Web", which is one of the worst uses of the Internet; It is full of websites dealing with contract killers, masterminds of kidnappings, assassinations, organ trafficking, child rape and inhumane abuse.


How to enter the Deep Web:


The Deep Web cannot be accessed through the normal browsers that we use in our daily lives, such as Google, Yandex, Bing, and others; This is because these browsers index websites and save users' information; Therefore, access to the Deep Web is exclusively through the use of a special browser called the Tor browser.


This browser is called the “Al-Basala” browser, and it is used to access the “Deep Web” and “Dark Web.” It is so named because it surrounds the user with several layers of protection for his identity, so his truth cannot be accessed and discovered. By encrypting the Internet connection in a way that prevents governments or individuals from spying on the communication process; This makes the identity of the individual completely anonymous, with a large margin of freedom and without any blocked sites or annoying ads and any restrictions, and this also gives users safe browsing, as the Tor browser is one of the most powerful and secure browsers for users.

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