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Signs that your mobile phone has been hacked


Our mobile phones are the homes of our secrets, the containers of our privacy and our news portfolios. On her safe memories we hide our most warm and intimate pictures and preserve the features of our loved ones. Among her files, we deposit our resumes, favorite books, and important records. As for their applications, they are a reflection of our interests. Our problems, and in the diary we write our scattered thoughts and in the reminder applications we expose ourselves to oblivion and give our attention to technology, and in the applications and pages of communication platforms we search for our interests and receive everything we care about via e-mail.


The following are signs that your mobile phone has been hacked and could be accessed by other users who often have malicious targets for your stored files:

1. Suddenly slow phone:


One of the signs that your mobile phone is being hacked is the slowness in opening and closing the device to the extent that you feel that thousands of users are working with you in a way that makes you unable to perform the task that you grabbed your mobile to accomplish, and switching between applications becomes annoying because of the time it takes and very frustrating, The user thinks that the reason for this is that the storage space is full, but the real reason behind this is that some applications and links have been able to penetrate your mobile phone, and this limited its speed.

2. Mobile phone overheating:


Overheating of the device is one of several signs that your mobile phone has been hacked, although hacking is not the only reason for raising the temperature of the device, which may be caused by plastic and silicone covers, using the phone while it is connected to the charger or turning on the Wi-Fi network. For long periods, however, it cannot be overlooked that the high temperature of the mobile device is caused by the camera being turned on by hackers for a long time or due to the presence of a huge amount of viruses that roam between phone applications.


The high temperature resulting from the penetration can be distinguished by paying attention to the gradual rise in temperature and awareness of the wrong practices of use that could cause this. Configure it again, as the spying and hacking applications work using GPS technology and the location is tracked by the hacker.

3. Frequent appearance of ads:


The frequent and sudden appearance of annoying ads, especially pornographic ones, may be one of the signs that your mobile phone has been hacked, especially if you are not one of the pioneers of porn sites, and in such cases it is preferable not to click on any link in the advertisement and get out of it immediately.


It should be noted that ads are not always a sign of your mobile phone being hacked; The natural use of it is the presence in applications, it is one of the means of profit from the Internet, and the feature of its appearance can be deactivated by the settings of the application.

4. Note new installed apps:


One of the signs that your mobile phone has been hacked is the presence of intrusive applications on the package of applications that you have installed on your device. These applications take advantage of the idea that the user needs to install several applications on his smart device for learning, chatting, games, etc., so they are automatically installed on his phone without noticing their presence early, which entails serious risks, including access to all smartphone data and manipulation by the hacker; Therefore, we recommend checking the existing applications and making sure that the user installed them himself.

5. Battery drain:


The sign of battery drain is one of the signs that your mobile phone has been hacked, especially if the battery is new or the smart device is new, and the rapid discharge of the battery can be observed resulting from the hacking process; The battery is full while the device is charging and once it is unplugged it is completely discharged.

6. Pop-ups on your screen:


If you notice that your smart device behaves strangely and opens windows or applications without your command, this is a sign that your mobile phone has been hacked, especially if it happens again, and the reason behind this is malicious applications or adware that hackers have installed on your device's storage.

7. Mobile Phone Flash Lighting:


The flash of your device is one of the signs that your mobile phone is hacked, especially if the flash lights up by itself or when you are not using it, and the reason behind this process is the presence of hacked applications or malicious links that you visited and exposed your device to the process of hacking .

8. The presence of fake links in the browser history:


The presence of fake links or links to sites that you have not visited in your browser history is a prominent sign of your mobile phone being hacked, and hackers resort to this procedure because they need to download applications or visit links that will help them get deeper and more accurate access to your data If you go through your browser history and find visits to sites that you haven't actually visited, know that your phone has been hacked.

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