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Review of the new Samsung Galaxy A73


The Galaxy A73 mobile has the same shape and design as the new Galaxy A series.. You will not know how to distinguish them from each other.. But it is the largest one of them because its screen is huge.. And of course, the external materials are entirely made of plastic.


The back camera is not very prominent on the back of the phone, although the sensor is 108 mega pixels, so this is a very good thing.. Also, the back camera part is not separated from the back of the phone.. and this confirms the quality of the lock.


On the occasion of the quality of the lock, the A73 comes with a water resistance rating of IP67, similar to its smaller sisters. The weight of the mobile phone is 181 grams and its thickness is 7.6 mm. This is less thickness and weight than the Galaxy A52s 5G.

the screen :-


The mobile comes with a 6.7-inch Super AMOLED Plus screen with FHD + resolution, with a frequency of 120 Hz, and a large selfie hole.


You will not need a better screen than that in this price category.. A screen that offers you everything, its colors may be a little lighter than the Galaxy A52s 5G, but the only problem is the selfie hole because it is very large.


The edges of the screen are large.. I wish it was smaller than that, and the screen has a fifth generation Corning Gorilla Glass protection layer, but it does not come with a screen.

the performance :-


Nothing new.. Qualcomm Snapdragon 778G processor, 6 nanometer technology, support for fifth generation networks, screen frequency up to 120 Hz, UFS 2.1 storage, and Samsung One UI 4.1 interface with Android 12.


The mobile phone has exactly the same performance as the A52s 5G, without any difference.. Very good performance, and the processor is one of the best processors in the upper middle class.. It offers you very good and somewhat active performance, and at the same time it is able to maintain energy consumption and does not heat up.. “Mask stick” processor Text"!


Compared to the Exynos 1280 found in the Galaxy A53, I would prefer the SD778G..but if you want better performance at the same price, you can see the iPhone 12 or Xiaomi 11T..or the Galaxy S20 FE, the Snapdragon version..all of these phones will offer you better performance.


As for the gaming experience, PUBG works on Ultra HDR, and the game works very well.

Safety and other factors:


The fingerprint is located under the screen .. It is not the fastest thing, the same performance as the A52s 5G .. You must press hard and long press on the fingerprint in order to unlock it .. And Face Unlock is also not the fastest thing.


The mobile supports NFC.. As for the sound, it is stereo, loud, and stereo. This is also louder than the A52s 5G, with a clear and noticeable difference, and this is a very strong feature.


The sensors are all present and working well.. The proximity sensor for calls works perfectly, there is no error, and the mobile phone has an additional microphone for noise isolation.


As for the networks, the Wi-Fi is not the strongest thing.. The mobile works as a filter for weak networks that are far from you.. And the communication networks are good, without problems.. but weaker than the Oppo and Huawei phones.

the battery :-


5000 mAh battery .. larger than the battery of the A52s 5G .. I expected that I would find stronger performance with a respectable difference from the A52s 5G, but no, the difference is not significant in performance due to the large A73 screen .. you can say that the A73 battery has better actual performance by no more than 10% than A52s 5G battery performance.


But this does not mean that the battery of the A73 is bad.. The battery is very good and will complete the day with you comfortably.. The defect is that there is no charger in the box, and the maximum charging speed supported by the mobile is 25 watts.


I tried a 25-watt charger, charging the phone in about an hour and 11 minutes.. It's not bad or nice, there are other phones in this category that charge in less than half an hour.



The mobile phone comes with a 108-megapixel rear lens with an F / 1.8 lens slot, which includes an optical stabilizer..with an Ultra Wide lens, a macro lens, and an isolation lens.. As for the selfie, it has a 32-megapixel camera with an F / 2.2 lens slot.


The A52s 5G mobile was very excellent.. The A73 fixes some shortcomings.. We can summarize the difference between them in that the colors are better, the skin tone is better, and the image details are more simple.. The A73 wins most of the middle-class phones in photography from the rest of the mobile companies.


As for the notes, the Galaxy A73’s HDR hours are stuck.. Also, the zoom of the A52s 5G is a little better.. In the internal lighting, there is no clear improvement over the A52s 5G.. The performance is very close, and the differences between the two phones are very limited.


In general, and as I explained to you, compared to the rest of the upper mid-range phones, this mobile is the best among them.. But if you compare it to an old Flagship mobile like the Galaxy S20 FE, you will find a slight difference between them in favor of the S20 FE.


As for the selfie, it is the same as what was in the A52s 5G .. but the performance has improved by 10% ~ 15% over the A52s 5G .. and the difference is not clear and you will not notice it easily.


As for shooting videos, the mobile phone supports 4K video recording at 30 frames per second. The mobile phone has a real optical stabilizer. The mobile phone also has an additional microphone to isolate noise.

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