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iPhone 14 Pro review - a comprehensive review after a period of use!


When I first saw the iPhone 14 Pro in reality, I found that it was a copy of the iPhone 13 Pro without any difference.. If you looked at the back of theirs from afar, you wouldn't be able to tell them apart.. Maybe the lenses of the 14 Pro are a little bigger and the Apple logo is bigger.


Of course, we certainly know that the point of design makes a difference with 80% of the people who buy iPhone mobiles.. But this time there is no difference between the previous generation and the new generation.. The difference this time will be in the design of the screen.


We prefer the Pro version because its size is more logical than the Pro Max.. The weight of the mobile is 206 grams, and the mobile held in the hand is balanced and very nice, and you can use it with one hand easily.

the screen :-


The mobile screen is a 6.1-inch OLED with a frequency of 120 Hz.. with a brightness of 2000 lumens and support for the Always On Display and the new Dynamic Island.


By comparing the new screen with the previous generation, we will find that there are really clear developments.. The first is the brightness that reaches 2000 lumens, which significantly improves the brightness of the screen under the sun compared to the previous generation.. regardless of the severe battery consumption when you raise the brightness.. but it is an advantage Important, and it beats the Galaxy S22 Ultra.


The second new thing compared to the previous generation is support for the Always On Display.. The mobile locks on the same screen as the Lock Screen, but with a lower brightness.. It shows you a static or random picture with the clock, date, and some widgets that you can choose yourself.. It also shows you notifications.. but the battery consumption Together, it is not the best thing.


The last thing that distinguishes the new generation from the previous one is the Dynamic Island..and it is very nice in terms of interacting with you well and operating very smoothly. It is really useful and easy to use..but on the other hand, which is that because you always use it, the selfie camera will not be clean and you will need to wipe it well before what to conceive

the performance :-


iPhone 14 Pro comes with a very powerful processor, which is the A16 Bionic with 4 nanometer technology..the processor is really very powerful..but that performance was not a problem in the last generation..and it remains stable until you will not feel a difference in performance between the previous generation And the new generation.. development on the performance side will not appear unless you intend to get maximum performance.


The gaming experience is definitely excellent and there are no problems.

Safety and other factors:


You have a very fast and reliable Face ID.. and the sound is very great, respectable, and very loud.. the simplest thing is higher than the previous iPhone 13 Pro.. and higher, with not a small difference from the Galaxy S22 Ultra.


Wi-Fi range is still the best thing about the iPhone 14 Pro over the previous generation.

the battery :-


The mobile battery has a capacity of 3200 mAh .. There is no significant difference between its actual performance throughout the day compared to the old iPhone 13 Pro .. Especially if the Always On Display is on, the iPhone 14 Pro may sit for less time.


As for charging, the port is still of the Lightning type.. It was charged with a 20-watt charger and charged in about an hour and a half.. It takes a little long time because after 80% the mobile phone is very slow in charging.



The primary lens is 48 mega-pixels with an F/1.8 lens slot and has an optical stabilizer. The second lens is 12 mega-pixels with an F/2.8 lens slot, with a real 3X zoom and reaches 15X with an optical stabilizer. The last is 12 mega-pixels with an F/2.2 lens slot, which is Ultra Wide .. and the 12-megapixel selfie camera, F / 1.9 lens slot.


When I compared it with the iPhone 13 Pro, I initially found that there was no big change..but when I saw Portrait 3X, I found a difference in the method of processing the skin color, which became more realistic in the iPhone 14 Pro..more detail and sharpness is higher..and the new feature Portrait 2X in the 14 Pro I offer you an excellent, very correct look.


When I tried to take a 2X photo with the 14 Pro and set it to 2X in the iPhone 13 Pro, I found a clear difference in the focal length, which translates to a difference in the width of the person being photographed.. That is why this is the best feature added to the iPhone 14 Pro.. But if you are going to photograph buildings or landscapes, you will not feel it. With big differences between the two mobiles.


And the zoom is still 15X, and there is no difference in the long zoom between the iPhone 14 Pro and the previous generation.. As for photography in low light, you will find the superiority of the 14 Pro with a clear difference in the details.


As for the selfie, it was nice in the iPhone 13 Pro .. and it is still excellent in the iPhone 14 Pro .. there is no big difference in outdoor photography unless the selfie has more than one person .. the focus will be set more in the 14 Pro .. also the color of the leather is better and its details are improved Very simple in the 14 Pro.


When you enter the InDoor, you will find that the detail difference is more evident in favor of the iPhone 14 Pro due to the wider aperture of the lens.. and the difference is not significant except when you reduce the lighting.. you will feel that the pictures of the 14 Pro are more realistic and have more details.

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