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Infinix Note 12 Pro review - 6 nano processor with 108 MP cameras!


As for the 4G version, the mobile comes with a completely different design. The weight of the mobile is 192 grams, and this is a non-heavy weight with a thickness of 7.8 mm.. The frame of the mobile is flat, not curved, to keep up with the new trend.


The back camera is located in a circle that looks nice.. It protrudes slightly from the body of the phone, and the circle is enclosed in a shiny rectangle, which makes the shape of the mobile elegant.. Also, the length of the mobile phone has become more proportional to its width.


As for the 5G version, its design is very distinctive.. The shape of the large cameras is in a rectangle. The mobile phone has a nice shape and, frankly, its design is better than that of the 4G version.. The mobile weighs less than 188 g and its thickness is 8 mm.

the screen :-


The two phones offer the same 6.7-inch AMOLED screen with FHD + resolution with a notch and a frequency of 60 Hz.


Of course, it is a good thing that the screen has become an AMOLED type instead of the IPS LCD that was in the Infinix Note 11 Pro .. But in return for this, the frequency remained 60 Hz, and also the screen became a notch design, not a hole .. We could have considered it an advantage if the frequency was 90 Hz .. But In general, these phones are economical, so the situation is acceptable.


As for the performance of the screens, it is good, very good, good to the extent that it plays with colors through the software to give you the feeling that it is more saturated in colors than normal.

the performance :-


The 4G version comes with the MediaTek Helio G99 processor, 6 nanometer technology.. For the first time we try this processor, which we can say is more mature and stable than the Helio G96.. It gives you almost the same performance, but it can maintain stability for a longer period and also heats less with a very noticeable difference, and in At the same time, the battery consumption is lower.


I tried pressing the processor in all possible ways..and I found that the processor maintained its high frequencies for long periods in a 25-minute the same time, the battery consumption was excellent, and the heating was above excellent.


But if you are waiting for a higher performance than the Helio G96, then no, you will not find a higher performance. The development here is on the side of stability and battery consumption, and the stability of performance under pressure for longer periods without heat.


This is a very reasonable equation.. You do not need anything more than that from a mid-range processor. You need strong and stable performance with respectable technology and at the same time good battery consumption.. That is why there were people who preferred the SD680 because of its low consumption but its modest performance. Now the G99 is a solution. This problem is final.


The support of game developers is still not enough for this processor..PUBG works on High HD, and I don't need to tell you that you will be able to play very well on this mobile without any problems with heat or dropping framerates.


As for the 5G version, it comes with a very good processor, which is the Dimensity 810 with 6 nanometer technology..and it supports fifth-generation networks..and it is the most powerful and simple thing from the new Helio G99..but it is distinguished by the support of fifth-generation networks.

Safety and other factors:


The fingerprint on the two phones is on the power button and there are no problems.. And the Face Unlock has a reasonable speed for both phones.. The security factors are reasonable and there are no problems.


Of course, there is Always On Display because of their AMOLED screens.. and the two phones, unfortunately, do not have an additional microphone for noise isolation.. but they have all the sensors working well, such as the gyroscope and proximity.


The sound in the two phones is stereo, but its volume is not very loud..they adjusted the bass a little, but the volume level, unfortunately, is not very high.


As for the networks, there are no problems with the two mobiles.

the battery :-


The battery of the two phones comes with a capacity of 5000 mAh.. Their performance is very good and almost the same because the processors are saved in the battery. The batteries will complete the day with you very comfortably.


The same 33-watt charger in the two phones, which fully charges the battery in about an hour and a half.



The two phones offer the same 108-megapixel main rear camera with f/1.8 aperture, but unfortunately there is no Ultra Wide.. and they offer the same 16-megapixel selfie camera with f/2.0 aperture.


The level of image processing has clearly improved in the Infinix interface.. It is still not the best processing in the economic and medium category, but it has become somewhat acceptable than before.


The level of photography is very close in the two phones, the 4G and 5G versions.. Although the processors are different, there is no effect on image processing and the final image format in the two phones.


Most of the images come out with an acceptable amount of detail..but the sharpness or sharpness of the images needs to be adjusted a little, and the skin tone needs to be more realistic..because I feel that the images with a filter are not nice.


The level of imaging in indoor and night lighting is very acceptable in mobiles, with an acceptable amount of detail from the 108-megapixel lens and the MediaTek processors used here..but why is there no Ultra Wide lens?


As for the selfie camera, it is not very different from the previous generations.. The same selfie that makes the skin color a little lighter and makes you a filter and changes the shape and colors of the image clearly.


In the dark, you can turn on the flash of the selfie and take pictures at night, and it will take very reasonable pictures.. I think the selfie needed to be adjusted a little from the previous generation in order to feel a development.


Mobile phones support shooting videos in 4K quality at 30 frames per second.. Unfortunately, stability is not the best thing because there is no electronic stabilizer, and there is also no additional microphone to isolate noise, so the sound quality is not the best thing.

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