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HyperX Cloud II headset review


HyperX has always stood out for its line of gaming headsets, both wired and wireless, and the Cloud II we have today is one of the best HyperX has produced in its class, but as usual PC accessories in this $100 category aren't without flaws. .


Cloud II comes in two versions: wired and wireless. Today we are going to review the wired version of it.

Box contents


When you open the HyperX Cloud II box, you will find:


The headset has a 3.5mm cable, 1 meter long.

Detachable microphone.

“Adapter” to convert from 3.5mm to USB-A, 2m long. It can control the volume and microphone, in addition to activating the virtual 7.1 surround sound feature.

Two additional foam ear cushions.

user's Guide.


Cloud II design and build quality: as light as a cloud!


HyperX Cloud II comes with a red aluminum metal side frame, while the sides of the headset are made of durable, high-quality plastic. The two cushions are made of leather, and the inner frame of the headphone - the frame in contact with the head - is also made of leather.


The headphone weighs 320 grams, and it is light considering that it is a wired headphone, which is reflected in the comfort provided by the headphone and the ability to use it for long periods without any problems, as it is, without exaggeration, one of the most comfortable headphones, and indeed when I used it for hours on end, I was hardly I feel something over my head! In my opinion, the comfort of use offered by the Cloud II is the best strength of the headset.


The black and red speaker looks really cool, and it's definitely one of the most beautiful headphones ever, as it proves that beauty and elegance lies in the simplicity of the design.


As for the cable, its total length when using the adapter is 3 meters. The cable is protected by an outer layer that makes it durable and resistant to cuts and bends.

What HyperX Cloud II Headset Offers


The Cloud II comes with a few key features that will determine whether or not it is the right headset for you in this category.

Technical performance


The speaker produces impressive sounds worthy of this price category, thanks to the 53mm dynamic driver.


The processing of sounds of different ranges is really special, except that the bass sounds, which are high-frequency sounds such as the sounds of explosions and gunshots, are over-processed and unrealistic in many cases, which negatively affects the auditory experience of playing and comes at the expense of the mid and high sounds. Treble - especially the treble - in some circumstances.


As for determining directions and the purity of sounds, the performance of the headset is great and there are no problems with it. I did not face any difficulties in hearing the sounds around me when I tried the headset in more than one game.

Virtual 7.1 surround sound and console


The controller, which acts as a 3.5mm to USB-A adapter, comes with options to increase the ease of use of the headset. You can:


Headphone volume control.

Microphone volume control.

Mute the microphone.

Turn on the virtual surround sound feature.


The buttons on the controller are of good quality and feel pleasant to use, and can be held close to you using the hanging pin on the back.


As for the virtual surround sound, “Virtual Surround Sound”, which can be activated by pressing a button on the console, does not provide the expected difference in the gaming experience. in a manner worthy of mention. The difference is there, of course, but it's not noticeable, and it's certainly not what the Cloud II is worth buying for.

Compatibility with different platforms


The Cloud II's cross-platform compatibility is its most important feature, as it is compatible with virtually all platforms: PC (Windows and Mac), PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series, and smartphone.


This versatility, while being a wired headset, is due to the 3.5mm jack with an adapter attached to it for use with USB-A ports. The downside is that when connecting the headset to a console controller, the 3.5mm port will have to be used, thus not taking advantage of the console and surround sound features attached to the adapter.


It should also be noted that when using the Cloud II on a smartphone using the 3.5mm port, a microphone must be connected to the headset in order for it to work normally, meaning that it cannot be used on a smartphone without a microphone attached to it.


Wearing comfort


If there was one reason enough to push you to buy this headphone, it is the comfort of use. The distinctive design, light weight of the headphone, and the leather layer that touches the head, all factors make wearing the headphone for long periods of time very comfortable, and I hardly felt that there was something on my head when using it for hours on end.


The two leather ear cushions may cause slight sweating in high temperatures and when worn for a long period of time, but they are characterized by significantly reducing the leakage of earphone sounds. In any case, the speaker is attached to it with two cloth ear cushions that do not cause any sweating and provide better ventilation, but the leakage of the sounds of the speaker to the outside definitely increases.


The height of the headset can be adjusted to 8 different degrees to suit different head sizes.

Detachable microphone


The microphone attached to the wired HyperX Cloud II comes with a “cardioid” pickup pattern, which helps isolate sounds coming from behind the microphone, such as keyboard sounds. The microphone is of the condenser type, which is the common type in gaming headphones. The detachable microphone has a response range of 50Hz to 18kHz.

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