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HyperX Alloy Origins Core Keyboard Review


The Alloy Origins Core is HyperX's best and highest-priced mechanical TKL keyboard. It comes in the category of less than $100, and we have the Arabic version of it today. So, what can you expect to get from the Alloy Origins Core if you decide it's the right fit for you?

Box content


The HyperX Alloy Origins Core does not come with additional items, you will only find in the box: the keyboard, USB-C to USB-A cable, and of course the user guide.


I wish HyperX had added an extra button cap or two, or at least a keycap puller.

Design and manufacturing quality


As I mentioned, the Alloy Origins Core is a TKL wired keyboard, or ten buttons less than the full size, which comes with all the buttons, including the row of function buttons (F1 - F10), without the number pad on the right. The layout and arrangement of the buttons is the general pattern of any TKL keyboard.


The keyboard does not come with media buttons due to its incomplete size, but you will find all the side functions you will need in the function buttons.


The keyboard body is made of high quality aluminum, which is honestly what surprised me most about this keyboard in this price category, because its durability is hard to find in this category. The keyboard holds up nicely.


Below you will find two bases that can be adjusted to three different angles to control the appropriate keyboard position for your use, whether high, medium or flat. The two bases are made of high quality and I have not encountered a problem with them throughout the period of use.


The USB-C port is located on the right side of the front of the keyboard, and unfortunately it only supports HyperX cables.


In general, the Alloy Origins Core has a quality of manufacturing that exceeds its price category, and a design that is enhanced by RGB lighting.

buttons and their covers


The Alloy Origins Core can be obtained with the HyperX Linear Red, Blue, or Cyan buttons. The version we have today comes with the Linear red buttons, which are flexible and relatively quiet compared to the rest of the buttons. The buttons last up to 80 million presses, which is an appropriate number for this price category.

Arabic letters next to English letters on each button without problems or shortages in any of them, and the quality of engraving on the buttons is no less than the English letters. All the diacritical marks and side posts you'd find on Arabic button covers are here without a problem.


In general, the button covers are my biggest issue with this keyboard, as whenever I use it for some time, whether typing or gaming, the buttons start to pick up dirt and the surface becomes very uncomfortable to touch. The button covers are made of ABT plastic, which is a cheap type and is not supposed to be found on a keyboard in this price category.


Fortunately, the layout of the keyboard buttons in general is the basic layout without any difference, meaning that these buttons can be replaced with other high-quality buttons.


I liked that the button covers seem to float above the surface of the keyboard because of their height, which gives them a nice look, especially with the RGB lighting, and makes pressing them feel good.


Since the keyboard is of the TKL type, it comes without dedicated media buttons, but they are all available as side functions in the function buttons, in addition to the ability to change the lighting pattern - 3 patterns at a maximum - or activate the game mode, or adjust the level of lighting brightness.

Software support: HyperX NGenuity software


As we are used to with HyperX products, they are all fully powered by NGenuity software to enhance the experience of using them and controlling everything about that product.


For the Alloy Origins Core, the following can be controlled:


Full customization of lighting, brightness, colors, and patterns, including keystroke effects that make the keyboard's lighting react to your keystrokes.


Enable Game Mode, which disables some buttons such as Alt+F4 or Alt+Tab to ensure the best gaming experience.


Reassign all keyboard buttons - except for the Fn button - as you like, whether giving the function of one button to another button, or making the button work like a mouse, and more options.


Make presets for the keyboard and save them on its internal memory, to use it on another device immediately without the need to set it up from the beginning.


Everything you might think about setting up and customizing the keyboard you will find in NGenuity, but my problem with it remains about the user interface and ease of use that you need to work on without a doubt.



The Alloy Origins Core comes at a price of $90, which is a reasonable price for the features it offers, fabulous given the excellent manufacturing quality of the keyboard - with the exception of the button covers -.

It's about making some compromises, you get a keyboard that's amazing build quality and durability and looks good, but you get replaceable button covers of bad quality, it's up to you.

What I found positive about the Alloy Origins Core


High manufacturing quality gives the keyboard great durability.


Distinctive design, enhanced by bright and saturated RGB lighting.


Distinguished software support with the ability to customize almost everything in the keyboard.


Availability of an official Arabic version of the keyboard, which shows the company's interest in the Arab region, and we look forward to continuing that interest in the future.

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