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How to use a Facebook business manager account?


1. Ads details


To be able to manage ads on Facebook efficiently, you need to understand the interface of Ads Manager which is very simple. If you created an ad in the past, you'll find the name of the ad at the bottom of the campaign field, and Facebook will show you the interactions with the post, including comments, likes, and shares.


While on the left side of the results field, you will find the reach values ​​and the number of times the ad was shown. Facebook Ads Manager will show you the cost per result (in the case of the above photos it's $0.003 per interaction), you'll also see the full amount spent on the ad campaign. And with that organized picture, you'll be able to quickly track and forecast your budget.

2. Turn the ad on or off: Ways to manage ads on Facebook


Ads Manager offers the ability to stop or run advertising campaigns from the “Stop/Play” button. You can know the status of each ad from the “View” option, which indicates whether the ad is stopped, has errors, or is draft...etc.


If you want to turn off or turn on all ads at once, check the box next to the “Stop/Play” button, then click on the icon next to the word Edit on the left side, and choose the off or option corresponding to the status of the ad.

3.Make edits to Facebook ads in one go


You will also be able to modify ad campaigns, whether you want to edit one ad or a group of ads all at once. If your changes apply to more than one ad, the Ads Manager benefits will appear here. You can click on the box next to each ad campaign that you want to edit.


Then click on the “Modify” button, and you will then be taken to the edits page, which provides you with options to edit the target groups and their countries, as well as the purchase type objective and campaign objective. You'll also be able to enable the "Campaign budget optimization" option if your selected campaigns are eligible.


Moreover, you are allowed to delete, duplicate or copy any ad campaign by clicking on the three dots that you will find in the right sidebar next to each campaign. One of the important features here is that you can talk to a marketing expert for free, who will give you the best advice about your ads by clicking on the speaker icon that you will find on the left of the screen.


As for if you want more specialized and efficient assistance in order to make the most of your advertising campaigns on Facebook, here we advise you to use the distinguished Facebook marketing services in Fiverr, and to hire a marketing and advertising expert, as these services help you to:


Improve the performance of your advertising campaigns and reduce their costs.

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4. View Facebook ad charts


You can easily view the ad charts, either individually or by activating this option with a group of ads, by hovering the mouse on the ad you want to see, and then the option to view the charts will appear below the ad name.


The charts show you the performance of the advertising campaign over the time period that you specify. The performance includes the results, the budget spent, the total number of people the ad reached, etc. You can also look at demographic information, i.e. the age and gender of the recipient of the ad, and even segment those results based on the device the customer used when they saw the ad.


And if you publish your ad on more than one platform such as Facebook, Instagram and Messenger, Facebook will inform you about the results that your ad has achieved on these platforms through the “platform” option.

How do you add team members so that you can manage ads on Facebook perfectly?


To add members of your marketing team with you on Facebook Ads Manager, you must invite them and specify their roles in the meantime by:


Make sure you're in Ads Manager, not the Business Manager page.

Click on the symbol that you will find at the top right of the page in the form of three horizontal lines.

Scroll down until you find the Ad Account Setup option in the Ad menu.

After clicking on the previous option, you will find an item called “Ad Account Roles”.

Click the Add People button, and note that you can only add people who are your Facebook friends.

Then fill in the required data such as your friend's name, and select their job based on their role in the team. Facebook gives you three options:

Advertising account manager


The added person may be an administrator, in which case they will be exactly equal to you in the ability to view account data and make any changes, allowing them to fully manage ads on Facebook.


Advertiser with an ad account


They'll be able to see and edit ads using the payment methods on your account. This is the best option for marketers who are interested in creating ad campaigns, without interfering with payment methods or viewing card data associated with the account.


Ad Account Analyst


In this case, the added person will only see the performance of advertising campaigns; To be able to study it and analyze its results, and this is the ideal choice for those responsible for preparing reports.

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