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How to create a payeer wallet account for free in 2023

What is Payeer Bank or Payeer Wallet?


Payeer is a Russian company established in 2012, and it is generally an international electronic banking payment system.. The Payeer wallet is an intangible electronic wallet, through which you can receive and send money, transfer between currencies, or buy services and products from sites that accept payment via Payeer ( In other words, Payeer is somewhat similar to Paypal).. The majority of people who work on the Internet and freelance sites have an account on Payeer wallet, especially people in Syria and countries that do not support Paypal.

The currencies that Payeer Bank deals with


It is known that each bank has its own currencies that are allowed to be dealt with, and other currencies that are not allowed.. Here at Al-Bayer Bank, dealing with:



Russian ruble






Create an account in the Payeer wallet


Creating a Payeer account is very, very easy, just follow these steps:

Go to the Payeer website from here:

We click


Click on the green Create Account button in order to create a new account, and a new interface will appear to us, which we fill in with the account information:


The account's email (whether Gmail, Yahoo or any other mail).

We write the security code: it is a serial number, then we select create the account to move to the next step.

After clicking on Register a new account, you will be asked to put an email, and then after that, a verification code will be sent and we will write it.


Then we write the following:


Account password.

Retype the previous password.

Wallet secret code.

The name of the account (you can leave it as it is).


After that, we will go to the main interface of the wallet, and you will see a message containing your account information. This information is very important that you should write in your paper book, or a safe place to avoid access or access by anyone.. Then click on the word Done to remove the message .

Features of Payeer Bank


Bank Payeer has many advantages that made it a unique and popular bank for many users:

Widespread: Bank Paye supports the majority of countries in the world.

Flexibility in the type of currencies: Bank Bayer is not only limited to traditional, tangible currencies, but also supports digital currencies, such as: Bitcoin.

Various withdrawal and deposit methods: Withdrawal and deposit at Bank Payeer are not limited to one method, but there are many ways, you can choose what suits you best.

Low commission: The commission for Bank Pay is low compared to other banks, such as Paypal.

MasterCard: Bank of Payeer has its own bank card, you can obtain it and withdraw your money through it (but only within the countries that support it)

Free transfer between accounts: It provides transfer services between accounts completely free of charge.

Excellent support service: The support service of Banque Paye is fast and available 24 hours a day.

$999 Per Day: Bank Paye gives you the right and freedom to withdraw and transfer up to $999 per day even without activating the account.

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