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How do you promote your freelancing services by guest blogging?


What separates you between working on the Internet and making an income from what you are good at is finding what you are good at and professionalizing it. They tell you that before you start accepting design offers, for example, you must master the design, its software and tools with the utmost professionalism, with all confidence and effort you take it upon yourself to become professional in this field. After months of exhaustion, you are finally ready to start asking for $50 for each logo you design, only to be surprised that no one is asking for your services, and they tell you that $50 is a very huge amount for a beginner, or for a person who has his first experience in freelancing as a designer, if you lower the price. You despise yourself a little, and if you stay on your price, you will not reap any profits, so what is the solution?

There are many solutions, including reducing the price of your services until you achieve good sales that lead to customer confidence, and then add the appropriate pricing for your services, and the success rate depends on your abilities, but there is an optimal solution, a solution that has confirmed its credibility with many, which is promoting that service, Bringing potential customers and then communicating with them later to convert them to real customers, and not just waiting.

And as a newbie in the world of free services (and even an experienced one), he may not want to randomly promote his services via Facebook or Google and pay advertising money in order to deliver his advertisement to customers who do not originally desire to acquire that service. You may search a lot to find that the best way to promote Your services are through hosting blogging or guest posts, so let us tell you how, why and where you should promote your services through hosting blogging.

First: What is guest blogging?

First, you have to understand what guest blogging is. We have discussed it in a dedicated article entitled What is guest blogging? Why is it successful in the West and failed in the Arab world?! If you want to explore it with an in-depth look, however, if you want to take a light and nice idea about it, it is simply writing articles and topics on sites hosting these topics. There is nothing wrong with it, including potential customers, and because it is difficult for you to build a fan base with the same intensity in a short time in order to use it to promote your services, you can take advantage of these sites that accept hosting blogging in order to promote your personal services, except that of course - blogs - they will not accept Publish an article entitled: Get to know Ahmed, a graphic designer, and ask for his services, because that is not in her favor, so you have to come up with a win-win result, that is, both parties have to benefit, so how can this be achieved?

Tell others about your experiences:

The first idea that may help you in attracting followers of your services and requests for them will be by publishing an article on sites in the same field in which you tell about your experiences and experiences that you lived while learning this technical skill, what courses or courses did you follow to reach that goal? Also tell us about some of the difficulties you faced and how you overcame them, because many like you would like to know the ways to overcome those difficulties as well. List the most important sources that inspired you to get to where you are now ... In a nutshell, tell us about your experience in the field from zero to now. through a complete article.

How will this benefit you in bringing clients to you? Listing your experiences is evidence that you did not sprout from the ground like a rotten mushroom that wants to reap profits in any way, but rather evidence that you spent months learning, and that your experiences were accumulated, hard on them, meaning that the client will trust you to request your services because he knows that he is dealing with a professional In the field and not just an amateur, your experiences tell people about you, and what you did to reach that position, and the customer will of course appreciate your fees. Do not forget to mention that you will include links to your services and personal websites in the article as well, so you have no fear, also by listing your career path, you can request the price you want for your services and the customer will appreciate that, we have referred to some similar strategies in our article about freelancers and freelancers. .. Learn the art of negotiation to increase the productivity of your services and customer satisfaction.

- How did you make it?

The client always doubts the credibility of your work, whether you are a designer, programmer, writer or others, the subject of doubt stands in itself, let's take the programmer for example, a client may ask you to create a landing page, so you do what is required for him, but doubt always hovering around him to ask: Is He just bought it from a specific site and presented it to me? What if this page was originally available for free on the Internet and I was deceived? To eliminate doubt with certainty, you have to explain to the customer the method of making it. Then sacrifice a project that you developed (it is not a sacrifice, but you know, but you will not reap any material return for it) and then write down the steps of its manufacture, which techniques were used, how did you plan for that project, how did you choose the consistency of colors (For designers and developers) What difficulties did you encounter during the design and how did you solve them? All of this proves your abilities to accomplish the required efficiently. And here comes the role of hosting blogging to present all these steps and let the site owners spread your trouble to others, including potential customers who will also want you to do the same thing, but with their own projects, here the customer may realize that he will deal with a seasoned professional who knows what he is doing, and not an amateur.

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