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Everything you need to know about guest blogging


Give others a chance.. they may be better than you!

Guest Blogging means making your site or blog in particular, an open blog in which everyone can blog, it is not necessary to be one of the developers of the site, but rather to give the visitor the opportunity to put his mark on your site, which is something that will benefit you a lot, dear reader, especially if you are one of the fans of the blogging world Or you already have a blog or site, you may think at first glance that it is just a subject that is not worth all that praise to write a full topic about, but it is in fact so, today my friend, we will discuss this concept on our site, and we will explain why your site is considered a failure if it does not support guest blogging And why, despite the provision of this service on your site, you do not find that great collision with it, and we will also discuss the same principle and the same measurements, but on foreign blogs that have excelled in this field and the reasons for their superiority, of course.

What is guest blogging?

Guest blogging, or guest blogging, or let's say visitor blogging, what we have to do is give your site followers the opportunity to express their own expressions and add a touch to your site by publishing a topic or a group of topics in their name on the site, so that they have the opportunity to leave their marks on your site In addition to the comments, but on the other hand, many questions may arise in your mind about this matter, such as what benefit may this act bring you? And what benefit will accrue to the owner of the site as well? And other questions that we will answer during our writing on this topic, but I really do not want to face these questions despite any answers I will answer them, and this is necessary, but I really would like to discuss why guest blogging is a very successful factor in foreign blogs and sites, and a very unsuccessful one in Arab websites and blogs, and to do this, we will need to answer the previous questions.

As a blogger, how can guest blogging benefit me?

They say that the owner of the site or blog hosting the guest blogging articles is the biggest beneficiary in this work process, and who am I to lie about this matter, but let me add that if some semi-poor articles written by visitors are published, this will not be returned to the blog or site or Even its owner is good, especially with search engines, and the blog that hosts these topics has fans who are accustomed to a kind of quality in the topics presented. If those topics do not comply with that expected quality, I do not think that it will also benefit that blog.

On the other hand, you, as the owner of a website or a blog, suffer from that lack of ideas first, because you cannot come up with a new idea every day to write lines and lines about it, but it takes time and deep thinking, and the lack of ideas of course leads to a lack of topics. Topics are what makes your blog a "blog", and without it you are nothing but a site that carries archives of old topics. Therefore, Guest Blogging will add to you some other ideas for other people, and new topics to revive your site as well, but best of all, you give to your blog A mixture of different mentalities, other people's ideas, methodologies and methods that your fans may be tired of and want a change.

Therefore, if you want to advance more on your blog or site, we advise you to add the guest blogging feature, as it is something that will benefit you more than harm you, and I guarantee you this.

As a freelance blogger or owner of another blog, how can guest blogging in other blogs benefit you?

Being a freelance blogger, or having a website or blog previously, what makes me write a topic for that other website? I am first and foremost blogging for some goals, so what makes writing and publishing a topic on one of the other sites or other blogs help me reach my goal?

Let's start first with being a free blogger: the free blogger does not have a website or blog in which he blogs, mostly he blogs for everyone and in all fields in exchange for some financial return or perhaps sometimes for certain services, but guest blogging does not provide you with those financial returns that you want, but rather It is free blogging, so how will it help you? Well, to post your posts on major sites and to accept them and publish them under your name, of course, this will polish your name as a freelance blogger in the business world, when someone asks you, then, to pay you large sums of money in exchange for writing some articles, and then asks you for samples of articles you wrote Just send him the link to the topic, as soon as he realizes that one of the top sites wrote it down and wrote a topic for it, so he won't automatically be stingy to make you his favorite client.. Simple things, but they may make you rise to the top!

What if I'm a blogger and I already have a blog? A good question, I do not sell my topics or blogs to others, so how can I benefit from guest blogging? Think with me my friend, wouldn't it be great to publish your website link in major blogs? Or at least refer to it, you will gain good virtues about your site, and you may even get some backlinks that will help your site flourish, not to mention the visitors, you may tell me that most sites do not like me to put my site link in them, it is true, but I serve it smartly my friend, try For example, to write a topic for a blog about making Android applications, for example, and tell them that you have a very powerful and wonderful course about learning it, and it is on the following link (which will be the link to your site), you can also use this command if you offer courses on YouTube and do not find Good places to post it.. Anything you can benefit from my friend.. You just have to think!

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