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9 iTunes Apps That Will Make Your Daily Life Easier


Although the fingers are always pointed towards technological development and phones, especially as the most important and basic factor in wasting time, and sometimes it is accused of causing a drop in the academic level of many students, but the iTunes App Store is filled with millions of applications, some of which are useful to the extent that it is possible To change your life in ways you never expected.


In this article, we will show you five applications on the American iTunes store, and most of them are also located on other stores. If you become addicted to them, these applications will completely change your daily routine and skills, and if you are a student, they will help you increase your academic level at a very noticeable rate, so let us begin by listing the applications:

1. Lifesum: Diet & Marco Tracker App:


It is an application that enables you to follow a wonderful healthy diet, determine your daily calories and your favorite nutritional programs, in addition to knowing the amount of calories you burn and following your diet with ease.

2. VoScreen - Learn English:


If you want to improve your English, which is an important thing that contributes to improving your performance in your working life, you should download the VoScreen application, as it contains a lot of short videos ranging in level from beginner to advanced level. These clips vary between different films, series and cartoons that suit all tastes. After watching the clip, two options appear for you, and you choose the clip you heard, thus enhancing your pronunciation and hearing and strengthening your language.

3. Desmos App:


Do you have a math problem that needs a solution or a graph? Bismouth solves it for you in seconds in the form of a drawing and solves even the most difficult problems.

4. Copy My Data app:


The most difficult moments when buying a new phone is to dispense with all your photos, videos, and contacts. With the Kobe My Data application, you can transfer all these things from one phone to another under the only condition that both phones are on the same Wi-Fi network and your data will be transferred easily.

5. PortraitAI: Classic Portrait:


Have you ever wished someone would draw you a portrait of your face? This application contains several free attempts to turn your photo into a great portrait, and there are many other types of paintings within the application. Try it now and enjoy.

6. A valid application for online shopping addicts:


The application collects discount codes for most of the online shopping sites, just enter the application and copy the coupon you want and you will get the discount.

7. Text Scanner OCR App:


With the beginning of universities and schools, we need to copy a lot of texts, and with the Text Scanner OCR application, you can convert any writing in images into texts that you can copy easily from your phone, all you have to do is put the image in the application and the application will show the text and allow you to copy it.

8. Math Alarm Clock App:


If you have difficulty in waking up early, this application is definitely for you and helps you solve this problem completely. This application is designed to help you with two main tasks, the first is definitely to wake up early, and the second is to increase your brain power.


All you have to do is set the application to the time you want to get up early, and its feature is that it will not stop ringing until it makes sure that you are fully awake. And forcing him to solve a math problem every day early, will enhance your brain capabilities, which will reflect on your academic achievement after using it for a long period of time.

9. Focus Keeper - Time Management App:


If you are struggling with organizing your time, this application will offer you a great way to solve this problem, the application works with Pomodoro Technique, and for those who do not know this method, it is that the application gives you 25 minutes to complete your task (and study) and then 5 minutes break-break - Which helps you to organize your study time and control and control phone use somewhat.

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