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Top Nursing Facilities in 2022–2023

 What is the price of a nursing home?

Nursing home care comes in two main categories:

following a stroke, accident, or other circumstance requiring physical recovery, short-term rehabilitation.
Long-term treatment for additional chronic diseases

The level of care you require will determine how much a nursing home would cost.

Typically, Medicare will cover the majority of the expenses for short-term stays. The majority of consumers are more worried about the cost of long-term care. Although prices differ greatly by region, the national average daily price for a shared room in 2021 was $260.

 Nursing homes are they covered by Medicare?

Part A Each benefit period, Medicare offers some reimbursement for up to 100 days of care in a skilled nursing facility. Medicare computes the length of stay in a hospital or skilled nursing facility using a benefit period. For the first 20 days of your stay, you won't be required to pay anything, but for days 21 through 100 of your stay in 2023, you may be required to pay coinsurance of up to $200 per day.

 How may a nursing home be financed?

Payment for long-term nursing home care often begins as "private pay," which means it comes from individual savings, investments, assets, or private long-term care insurance, depending on your circumstances. If a senior has little money saved up and a low income, Medicaid may be an option for them. Nursing home care must be covered by state Medicaid programs, but eligibility requirements are complicated.


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