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Step By step guide To Protect Your Facebook Account From Hacking

 Set Up Login Approvals

Even if someone manages to obtain knowledge of your password, there is still a chance that you will be able to access your account. A login approval, which can be configured in your Facebook profile, provides an additional degree of safety that is quite beneficial.
A login permission can be transmitted straight to a device, such a smartphone, that you always have on you and keep with you.

Simply navigate to Settings > Security > Login Approvals in order to activate this handy security feature, and you will see it listed there. To require a login code to access your account from unknown browsers, choose the checkbox next to "Require a login code." After that, you will be given a selection of options to choose where you want to transmit the login approval code, including an option to acquire codes even if you do not have your phone with you at the time.

NEVER Consider Accepting Friend Requests From Complete Strangers

Since this is something that is taught to children as young as five years old, all adults should already be familiar with it by now. You would be shocked to learn, however, how many people are still fooled by this. Do you remember the old saying, "never accept candy from a stranger?" That is correct with regard to this situation.

The easiest way to learn how to keep your Facebook account secure is to never accept friend requests from people you aren't already familiar with. On Facebook, ANYONE can make an account, and that account can then be used to try to defraud you, steal your identity, or do something even worse.
Users Will Be Required to Increase the Security of Their Accounts in Order to Continue Using Facebook | Here's How to Enable Two-Factor Authentication
(Image courtesy of Austin Distel via Unsplash)
Facebook is urging that its users update their security to the Facebook Protect platform. This is how you can accomplish that, along with an additional step that will enable two-factor authentication on the platform.

Aside from that, having these individuals as friends makes it possible for them to send you dangerous links and messages as well as postings on your timeline, and it also makes it possible for your account to be targeted by spam messages. This spyware has the potential to make some very heinous changes to the information on your profile.

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