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Here Are Android 13's Best Features Before It Launches

 The corporation Google has undergone significant change. It has managed to be much more than simply doing web searches for things. In 2016, Google unveiled its first smartphone. The corporation has since raised the bar. The finest Android version to date is expected to be released together with the Google phones in the near future. Many experts view the brand-new Android OS as the next step in the right direction. The upcoming release of Android 13 could have a ton of incredible features. In this essay, we'll talk about the best among them.

 Higher Privacy

Greater levels of protection will be provided to users of the new Android 13. The current version does not require location services in order to display any local wifi alternatives. There is now a completely different alternative for that. Options for nearby internet connections now appear there without using the user's location. There is also a feature that lists the apps that are currently accessing your location and microphone.

Now, how certain apps use photographs will also be determined by your choice. You can choose an album or specific images that you wish the program to use. You may stop the program from searching through all of your images and videos.

 Much Fewer Notifications

Android never asks you whether or not you want to get push notifications when you install an app. They are being pushed right away against your better judgment. This is not true of Android 13. Any app you install on the new operating system will request your permission to send you notifications. As a result, the user will have greater flexibility when using their mobile device because no unimportant messages will interrupt them while they are working. You will be given the option to choose the option that is most practical for you.


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