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50 scholarships are available for black students at Open University

 Through their partnership with The Open University, fifty students of mixed race and black descent who are on a tighter budget will receive the opportunity to earn a degree at no cost.

These scholarships are being provided by the Black Students Support Fund, which is a component of the Open Futures Fund at the institution that is located in Milton Keynes.

They are intended for students whose annual income is less than £25,000 and will be given out for the first time during the academic year 2022-2023.

The purpose, according to a representative for the organization, was to "advance social justice and racial equity."

The Open University provides its students with the opportunity to participate in distance learning and the flexibility to study in a manner that accommodates their personal and professional obligations. This includes the possibility of extending their education over a period of more than three years.

New scholarships will cover the full cost of tuition for undergraduate credit-bearing modules and qualifications offered by the Open University (OU) for students residing in the United Kingdom who identify as "black, or as mixed including black heritage." The scholarships will cover a maximum of 120 credits during each seasonal academic year and 360 credits in their entirety.

Those who are successful will also be awarded a study costs grant in the amount of £500 to assist them with the costs associated with getting ready for their studies, such as purchasing a laptop computer and other necessary study materials.

Professor Marcia Wilson, who serves as the dean for equality, diversity, and inclusion at the Open University, was quoted as saying, "The OU has 50 years of experience providing high-quality, recognised flexible study that involves online learning coupled with one-to-one tutor support."

It makes complete sense to us to provide this scholarship grant solely to black students in order to further the cause of social justice and racial equity.

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